Stay safe when installing software

  • Always download a program from the official link, or a trusted website
  • When installing a program, don't click the next button to fast, if it says next pay¬†close attention to terms of use and third party programs available.
  • try to spot words like install, accept, decline, agree, disagree and read those pages carefully to make sure you know what they are trying to get you to install.
  • if third-party programs are available(toolbars etc...) don't just uncheck them because some of these programs have it worded the opposite so that you may accidentally¬†install the program when the box is unchecked.
  • if you find yourself at a website that has many download buttons don't just click on them. look closely for the one that truly goes to the software you want. the rest are ads, here is a link for more information on this.
  • Make sure you have your antivirus updated and enable detection of PUPs(Potentially Unwanted Program) if it has that option.